Islamic Blue Patterns

Mosque of Ibrahim Aga, 16th c. The mosque was built in 1347 on the orders of the emir Shams ad-Din Aqsunqur during the Mamluk Sultanate of al-Muzaffar Hajji.During Ottoman rule, the emir Ibrahim Agha al-Mustahfizan decorated the building with blue and green tiles
Source: The Grammar of Ornament

Palace of Ismail Bay, 16th c.
Source: The Grammar of Ornament

Mosque of Ibrahim Aga, 16th c.

islamic tiles blue

Iranian tiles, -1 Kacshan 14th c. with a decor enhanced with cobalt blue motifs. 2- Kashan star tile, circa 1300 of stellar form, decorated with lustre and cobalt blue with a central cypress tree flanked by blossoming branches, bordered by a band of calligraphy. 3- a Lajvardina tile of stellar form, moulded and glazed in cobalt blue and painted overglaze in reddish brown, white and gold, with a flying phoenix with flame-like tail against a scroll ground. -4 large Lajvardina tile, Persia 14th c. This tile is typical of frieze tiles from the 14th c., with a broad central zone between two narrower bands of unequal width.

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