Lion Door Knockers
Flemish Lion Shaped Door locker

Lion was been used as a symbol by many ancient civilizations. Many Greek tomb structures used lion as their epithema in spite of the fact that lions were rarely seen by the Greeks. In Egypt and India Lion is often used as symbolic guardian of tombs or temples. the concept of lions as vigilant guardians likely stems from the belief that lions sleep with their eyes open, an idea expressed in the Bible. Lion is at the same time the animal most often “crossed” with other creatures to form hybrids.

Italian bronze door handles

Pair of Italian Bronze Handles: two lions hold a bronze handle is their teeth.

lion door knocker 19th c.

This bronze knocker is decorated with a strange mask half human half lion.

Lion brass door knocker

The handle is decorated with a nice human figure saying: well protected house with gentle human being inside

black lion door knocker

german lion door knocker 13th c.

A very rare German door knocker, Koln, early 14th c.

door knocker paris early 19th c?
Two snakes surrond a severe lion head. Paris, XIX th C.
dorr knocker albi

This XVIth C. door knocker is decorated by a lion surrounded by a snake. Albi, France

Lion door knocker Rome

Italian baroque door knocker decorated with a golden maned lion's head

lion door knocker 12th c.

This is one of the oldest known bronze door knockers
Possibly 12th century shaped as a lion's head

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